“intelligent, absorbing and worthy of State Theatre Company status at a fraction of the cost.” – Talk Fringe

“5pound is carving a niche as one of the smallest, but most innovative theatre companies in Melbourne in its inaugural year.” – Theatre Alive

“David John Watton dominates the stage as Ionesco’s alcoholic antihero, Berenger. His enervated clowning and spiraling anxiety were note perfect… Jason Cavanagh has directed it with considerable ambition, humour and skill.” – The Age.

The absurd world of Eugene Ionesco is given a fresh perspective by Melbourne’s 5pound theatre. After a critically acclaimed, sold out season at the Melbourne Fringe Festival this vibrant re-imagining of an absurdist classic comes rampaging to Adelaide's Queen's Theatre.

Think you’ve seen Rhinoceros before? Think again… Breaking down the fourth wall and venturing forth in, amongst and through the audience, 5pound’s Rhinoceros transports you to that small provincial town, and into the hilarious and bizarre world created by Ionesco all those years ago.

“…the audience are not “others” observing, they are complicit, entertained, curious, engaged – do they share the fear of the rhinoceros or are they pro-metamorphosis? ...an immersive experience. The cast, all wonderful, are clearly having a ball with the material and each other – their enthusiasm is infectious.” – Carla Sammut.

5pound Theatre’s regular ensemble are joined by a host of talented actors and acrobats who, combined with unique staging and costuming, create a spectacular spectacle.

Written in 1959, Ionesco originally penned this play as a reaction to the brutal atrocities and mindless conformity he witnessed during the Nazi occupation of WWII France. The hardening of people’s souls and the absurd nature of their extreme beliefs, adopted so readily by the community around him, gave rise to this astonishing play, a cornerstone of the Absurdist movement.

“-but it’s not what you think. Rhinoceros is very funny, very tongue in cheek.” – Milkbar Mag.

When our disorganised, disinterested protagonist Berenger first sees a rhinoceros stampeding through the town square he seems hardly to notice. But slowly more and more start to appear and after his best friend transforms into said quadruped before his eyes it seems as though the whole world is suddenly hurled into chaos. As the Rhinoceros’ start to outnumber the humans a disturbing question emerges… who are the real monsters?

This hit Melbourne Fringe Festival transfer is set to be a spectacular foray into absurdity and a production not to be missed.





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