Jason Cavanagh : artistic director

Jason Cavanagh is the founding member of 5pound theatre and owner/ manager of The Owl and the Pussycat in Richmond.

Involved in the theatre industry for nearly 15 years now Jason started his career as an actor and has since then also moved into directing and writing.



Sharon Davis : general manager

Sharon Davis joined 5pound theatre in 2013 bringing over 15 years experience as an actor in theatre, film, and television, and studied at the VCA from 2004-2006.

Sharon is deeply passionate about the exploration of language in and through the body and the inherent worth of the artist in society.


Freya Pragt : producer

FREYA PRAGT graduated from the Victorian College of Arts in 2011.

Freya has worked with 5pound theatre as an actor since first appearing in the innaugral season of 5pounds of repertory theatre in 2012. to most recently returning from touring our award nominated production of Purgatorio.

Freya brings with her a great passion for theatre and the company.


Rose Chong : sponsor

Rose Chong specialise in transformations. Their stylists use their expertise to reimagine favourite costume elements, and make sure you end up with a life changing outfit.

Whether you have a costume party, a sophisticated event, or just want your alter ego to burst out for the weekend, the chongettes can help you be anything you want to be.

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