5pound theatre are excited to announce 2 encore performances of 2Short Russians… Thursday 13th and Friday 14th of June..

2short Russians is the presentation of two short Russian plays: Anton Chekhov’s classic-The Bear, and ‘Vodka, Fucking and Television’ by a master of the Russian New Wave Maksym Kurochkin.

And to really make these nights a special Russian feast for the senses we will have traditional Russian Borsch available at the bar pre and post show, along with Mulled wine to help with those winter blues!

So for everyone who wants to see the show again, and everyone who missed it the first time, you now have 2 more wonderful opportunities… but be quick to book as spaces are limited and this will definitely be the grand finale’.


‘small-scale theatre at its absolute finest’ - Theatre People
‘An excellent odd couple of short plays’ - Theatrepress
‘a great double header’ - Broadway World


5pound theatre are back for their first Melbourne production of 2013 – 2Short Russians. Bringing you one classic piece of Russian theatre; The Bear, by Anton Chekhov, and the Australian premiere of a contemporary play by one of Russia’s most exciting new playwrights; ‘Vodka, Fucking and Television’ by Maksym Kurochkin. Presented at The Owl and the Pussycat, Tuesday 28th May –Saturday 8th June.

Providing you a glimpse of pre and post communist Russia, these hilarious and uniquely Russian Farce’s take us in the first place to an old world society not unfamiliar to us, then to a modern world grappling with the democracy that we now take for granted.

In The Bear, by Anton Chekhov Smirnov(Dmitri Pronin) comes to collect moneys owed to him by the widow Popova (Susannah Frith), who is at once taken aback Popova and develops an ever growing disinclination to pay. The argument spirals out of control as an aggressive battle of the sexes gradually boils over into a dual to the death and finally… a marriage proposal. This one act farce from the 1800’s set’s a classic backdrop for the following piece.

Vodka Fucking and Television is set… now. The Hero of the story (Jack Beeby) is a young writer who has decided that either Vodka(Susannah Frith), Fucking (Clare Callow) or television (Dmitri Pronin) is responsible for ruining his life. So the three addictions physically manifest themselves in order to state their case and argue over which one of them needs to go.

This imaginative and slightly absurd modern classic deals directly with Russia’s burgeoning democracy; vodka representing the Russian tradition, Fucking representing the sexual revolution after the heavy oppression of a communist regime, and television representing the new onslaught of outside cultures. As the hero sits in the middle, trying to find his own identity in the face of all this.

Returning to the director’s chair is 5pound theatre’s co-artistic director Jason Cavanagh. “With a looming election and an ever growing focus on the robustness of our democracy here we have two foreign voices telling us a very familiar tale.”

Here is what people have had to say about some of our past shows:

‘bold, visionary theatre’ – Artshub

Cavanagh is nothing short of a visionary – Australian Stage

‘5Pound theatre’s production, sings with exuberance…’ -Inpress






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